Fyfe Law Firm is focused on providing high quality legal services. Many other law firms focus on working on as many cases as they can to increase their bottom line. This just simply is not our work ethic. We believe that working hard and working well for clients is the key to success. 

Fyfe Law Firm began in 2013 and we are proud of the high quality services and level of care that we are able to provide to our clients. We look forward to working with you.


I can help. 

Lauren Fyfe, Esq.

Lauren Fyfe, Esq.

I strive to provide the highest quality service for our clients. I am always honest with clients about what I believe the best course of action is for them personally, financially, and emotionally.

With solid experience in San Diego County family and probate law, I am prepared to become your personal advocate. Throughout my legal career I have gained a vast amount of experience working on an array of cases working in large institutions to mid-size law practices, as well as my own private practice.

We are a boutique firm, only taking on a certain number of cases per year to assure clients are well cared for. Often times attorneys get overzealous and spread themselves too thin. This is not the case at our firm. You will be well cared for, and all of your questions will be answered in a thorough and thoughtful manner.

Estate Planning/Probate: It is wonderful working with individuals who are mindful enough set up a plan of action for the future. I am here to help you set up your Revocable Living Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Advance Healthcare Directives, and Powers of Attorney, amongst other estate planning mechanisms, to ensure your family does not have to deal with any unnecessary obstacles in the event of your incapacitation or passing. I have also assisted clients in various types of Probate Court proceedings when the need arises. The Probate Court process can be overburdensome for most and we are prepared to streamline the process on your behalf.

Family Law: I have worked with many family law clients in their divorce, child custody, child & spousal support, arrears, and domestic violence matters. While the emotional aspect alone of a family law matter can be overwhelming for a client, I am prepared to become an advocate you can trust to hold your best interests at heart and make sure your case progresses in a judicious manner, so that you can move forward with your life sooner rather than later.

I have a strong connection to California and the San Diego community, graduating Magna Cum Laude with my Bachelor's Degree in Business at California State University San Bernardino, and my Juris Doctor at California Western School of Law in San Diego. I have volunteered an extensive amount of time working the nonprofits, such as the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program and The Legal Aid Society of San Diego. My experience ranges from non-profit, government agencies, and private practice in the both United States and abroad. I have proudly received the Wiley W. Manuel Award from the The Board of Governors of the State Bar of California.

I have been involved with the San Diego County Bar Association, North County Bar Association, State Bar of California Family Law Section, Probate Attorneys of San Diego, and the Lawyers Club of San Diego.

“When the sun refused to shine, you gave me that ray of light. Your thoughtfulness meant much more than words can say. I was scared and your presence gave me hope... My family will be forever grateful.”

“Lauren is a diligent, meticulous, and driven individual... I could see her dedication to advocate for her clients’ rights. It was evident she cared deeply about the cases assigned to her. I know she would do an excellent job working on any case.”

“Ms. Fyfe’s compassion and advocacy are unquestionable. Without reservation I would enlist her services.”

“I was beyond grateful that you really took the time to listen to EVERYTHING I told you. You remembered even little details I didn’t think you would. Your major strength is in the way you listen to your clients and prepare your documents. I was truly amazed and cannot express how thankful I am to you for helping me on such short notice.”

I always knew I had to get a trust set up since I own a home, but never actually got around to it until just recently. They really made me feel comfortable and got the whole process completed without a glitch!
Excellent, professional services. The attorneys helped me through making all the decisions I need in order to complete my estate plan. Everybody was very friendly.
[P]atient, understanding and forward-thinking during representation. They took the time to thoroughly explain everything and made me feel comfortable every step of the way!

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